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Most people associate fillings with treating cavities, and they are great for doing just that! However, composite fillings are also used to restore teeth by repairing damage that has been caused by teeth grinding. Further, fillings are even used to repair broken teeth. This makes them a great tooth restoration method.

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What do fillings look like?

Composite fillings are made from different materials, so you have options when you and your dentist have decided that they are a good fit for you. Most patients choose resin composite fillings since they are made to match your natural teeth. You can also choose amalgam fillings, (or metal fillings) that have a silver appearance. 

Composite fillings offer many benefits to our patients. If you think fillings might be a good option for repairing your smile and restoring the health of your teeth, call Platinum Dental Care Sugarhouse today!

What are composite fillings

Made of?

  • Resin (ceramic and plastic)
  • Gold
  • Glass ionomer
  • Porcelain
  • Silver amalgam (mercury, silver, tin)
  • Tooth-colored plastic

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