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Fluoride is an important contributing mineral when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy and strong. Dentists use it to strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent cavities. Fluoride treatments are commonly administered at semi-annual dental appointments along with professional tooth cleaning. 

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What is a fluoride treatment?

If you have visited your dentist for a professional tooth cleaning, you may have already experienced a fluoride treatment. These treatments are quick and painless. Dentists simply apply a fluoride varnish to the surface of each tooth to fortify the existing enamel. Patients are often asked to refrain from eating for thirty minutes following the treatment.

The truth about fluoride is that most people can benefit from it. Even small amounts are added to public water supplies in the U.S. Our professionals are trained and educated to help each patient maintain their strongest and healthiest smile.

Where is fluoride

Naturally Found?

  • Water
  • Bones and teeth 
  • Soil
  • Plants

We want to help keep your tooth enamel strong so you can avoid cavities and plaque that are harmful to your teeth. Come visit us off of S 1200 E and Ramona Avenue and schedule your fluoride treatment today!

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