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Often, we are born with extra long or short connective tissue between our tongue and the bottom of our mouth or between our upper gums and upper lip. This tissue is called a frenulum. Having a short or long frenulum can cause speech problems, trouble with chewing and eating, and might also be called a tongue tie. 

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Does a frenectomy hurt?

With modern technology like the dental laser, we are able to perform frenectomy surgeries with ease, precision, and quickness. Our professionals use safe substances to numb your mouth and are careful to only use the laser where it is needed, avoiding causing you any pain or discomfort.

Dentists use frenectomy surgery to correct a lengthy or stout frenulum. Using a dental laser, they are able to precisely resize the frenulum and correct issues that it was causing. Our team at Platinum Dental Care is trained to perform swift and accurate frenectomies.

Tips for recoving from a


  • Use an ice pack to calm any swelling you might have
  • Avoid sharp or spicy foods for 24 hours after surgery
  • Use pain medication as prescribed if needed
  • Know that a white scab is normal, it is not an infection, and it will go away
  • Brush your teeth normally but be cautious around your healing soft tissue
  • Meet with your dentist for a postoperative appointment to ensure you are healing well

There are many reasons why patients sometimes have a hard time eating or talking. Meet with our professionals and find out how we can make life easier for you today!

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