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Root canals have a scary reputation, and if you are not getting quality treatment, they just might be. We proudly offer professional, safe, root canal treatments here at Platinum Dental Care in Sugarhouse.

Our patients are our number one priority here. We promise our patients personalized, professional care. You can rest assured knowing that your smile and well-being is protected at our office. Schedule your appointment today and learn how you can have a safe, painless root canal treatment.

So does a root canal hurt?

Thanks to professional training and modern technology, root canal treatments are now more efficient and pain-free than ever. Our dentists use numbing and even sedation dentistry if needed to keep you feeling peaceful and comfortable in the dentist chair. It is normal to feel dull pain during recovery after a root canal, but pain medications make them almost non-existent as well.

Recovery tips for

Root Canal Treatment:

  • Lay low and take it easy for two days following root canal
  • Pay attention to how you and your mouth feel
  • Use ice packs to help swelling
  • Take medications as prescribed
  • Visit your dentist for a follow up appointment

We confidently administer top root canal treatment. With our team, you will be safe, comfortable, and cared for. Give us a call today!

Enjoy the beauty of a healthy smile! Experience the Platinum Dental difference in Sugarhouse today!