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Dental x-rays are an effective tool that dentists use to see issues that may be going on with your teeth, gums and bone that the eye can’t see. X-rays can catch decay and infections before they become a major problem. Having regular exams including x-rays are an important part of your prevention routine for good oral health and a bright smile!

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How often should I get dental x-rays?

We recommend that our patients get x-rays every 6-18 months. Dental x-rays are quick and safe. We develop them digitally without chemicals and using a reduced amount of radiation. We can then see them on a screen almost immediately and enlarge them for an up-close view. 

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How are dental x-rays


  • We will cover your body with a lead apron as you sit in the dental chair
  • A small sensor will be placed in your mouth and the x-ray taken
  • The x-ray is developed digitally and will be available to see on a screen almost immediately
  • We can enlarge the image to discover any problems that need to be addressed

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